About Me

Hello! My name is Laura Woodruff and I am happy to meet you! I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) living in the Pacific Northwest. Healthy living is my passion and I am excited to be able to share my knowledge with the world. On this website you can book my personal nutrition services, find my tips and tricks in the kitchen, read more information on concepts of holistic nutrition.

I am lucky to live in the PNW where I was born and raised. I currently reside in Kirkland, WA and I absolutely love it here. We recently moved back from the Portland area and I was given the opportunity to transition my passion for nutrition into a career!

One of the main reasons for my deep interest in health and nutrition came from the desire to heal myself and my own nutritional deficiencies. I do believe that is a common theme in this industry because we want to help others as we have learned to help ourselves. I took the time to research, study, and figure out how to feel better. My journey to healing is a long, continuous road but I know have a great foundation of knowledge to help myself and others!

Oh! And last but not least I have a wonderful husband, Taylor, who is truly the better half. And a dog daughter named Kona who is the definition of sugar and spice. Life is good 🙂


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