How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Wellness Tips for when you’re on the go!

I know that many of you out there share the same passions about traveling as I do. Travel is an opportunity to explore the world, leave your daily routines, and get away from it all. Travel creates extraordinary experiences and memories, but most of all, it is fun! Whether you prefer backpacking in the deep woods, high up in the mountains, a European road trip, or a tropical beach vacation, the opportunities are endless. But many people (especially health nuts like myself) ask the question, how do you stay healthy while traveling?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to maintain wellness throughout your vacations! Here I share my tips for staying healthy while away and I would love to hear yours as well 🙂

Water Consumption:

The very first and most important tip while traveling is to stay hydrated! Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and need water to thrive and survive. It is very easy to forget to drink water or skip it while you are out of town. This is especially true when you are in another country where water might be harder to come by, or more expensive to buy purified water bottles. When you are on vacation it is often a different climate that you are not used to (for example, hot and dry) so you need to replenish your water stores even more. Many people get dehydrated on the plane which starts off your trip on the wrong foot! When you are dehydrated, you have a harder time recovering from jet lag and a harder time eliminating waste throughout your entire trip. It may be inconvenient to get up on the plane, or make pit stops when you are on a road trip, but it is very worth it in the end.

Healthy Eating:

  • Pack snacks!!! Airplane, car, etc.
    • Travel snacks:
      • Protein bars, nuts, seeds, nut butter packets, granola, dried fruit, whole fruit, jerky or pepperoni, protein powder, etc. The options are endless.
    • Book a room that has a kitchen (or at least a fridge and a microwave). This makes it possible for you to not have to eat out for every meal
      • This is also a great way to save money because eating out for every meal can really add up. My husband and I typically like to buy breakfast food (oats, eggs, fruit, etc.) and eat the first meal at home. It is great if you can pack a few lunches as well like turkey wraps or sandwiches. We also always bring snacks with us when we are out and about!
      • If the hotel has a free continental breakfast there are often great options such as hard boiled eggs, bananas, and oatmeal to choose from.
    • Don’t treat every meal as a cheat meal just because you are on vacation. Trust me, you will feel so much better if you are eating well while you are away! Like I said above, if you bring your own breakfast and lunch that leaves dinner open as a great time to enjoy yourself and get what you really want.
      • With all of this being said, I truly believe that vacation is a time to enjoy yourself. Do not fully deprive yourself when you are away… have some fun and treat yourself! If you are getting your exercise in and eating well throughout the day, you definitely deserve some treats!


  • Make sure to pack a few workout clothes! I always make sure to pack a few different outfits and most often wear the attire on the plane, in the car, etc.
  • When traveling, it is most often easiest to get a workout in first thing in the morning. This gets it out of the way so you can enjoy yourself for the remainder of the day. A nice jog or home work out is a great way to burn a few calories and get your day off to a great start.
    • Write down a few home workouts that you can do while you are away. There are great workouts you can find on Google whether you are in a hotel, on a beach, or in a park!
  • Walk! Typically, when you are on vacation, you are able to get in a lot more steps (unless of course you are on a tropical island sunbathing all day long). Walking around town and exploring instead of taking public transportation everywhere is a great way to get exercise.
  • Maybe you do want to take a break from the gym while you are away. It is a great way to re-set your body for a week, and come home strong and ready to hit the weights! Make sure you get fresh air and some steps in daily to keep your body moving.


That is all for now folks! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions. Don’t let your healthy lifestyle hold you back from exploring the world 🙂

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