Chicago Trip!

Another trip?! I swear, this summer I was away more than I was at home. But I do love traveling so I’m ok with that! This trip was semi-last minute because my little sister just moved out there a couple months ago. Of course, I had to plan a trip to visit right away. This was my second time to Chicago and I am in love. It is the perfect foodie city and the only downside is that there are so many places to choose from, I can’t possibly try them all! We had a great time exploring the city, finding fun work out classes, and eating amazing food.

We arrived late Wednesday night and went straight to bed so we could wake up and enjoy our trip. We tried out FlyWheel for an awesome cycling class followed by ProteinBar for breakfast! I realllllyyy wish we had these franchises in Washington. My bestie, Annie and I split two smoothies. We got the Avo-Matcha (add spinach, no agave) and the PB&J (add spinach, no sweetener). They were both tasty! After that we walked over to The Goddess and the Baker for a lovely strawberry matcha. I asked for almond milk and no sweetener!

For lunch we had Goddess and the Baker (AGAIN) because it is that good. I got the Super Seed Avocado Salad with wild caught salmon and the dressing on the side. Annie got the Quinoa and Arugula Salad and added chicken! During the day we walked all around town, exploring, seeing the Bean and walking along the waterfront. We got drinks at Cindy’s which is a rooftop bar and restaurant. Rooftops are super popular in Chicago and you can find a lot of cool places with great views. At night we were able to attend the 11th Annual Chefs on the Grill Festival, in Millennium Park right under the Bean! This was a super fun event where chefs from some of Chicago’s top restaurants competed in a grill-off to showcase their signature recipes. There were unlimited tastings, an open bar, and live music! Can you think of a better place for a foodie to be on a summer night in Chicago? I think not! We loved all the food and we were even able to vote for our favorite dish! For dessert, we went to Freshii and got the frozen kefir (probiotic yogurt) to go and brought it home to eat.

Friday morning we woke up in time for another AMAZING workout class at Barry’s Boot Camp. This was my first time at Barry’s and now I know why people love it. It was fun, challenging, and a great atmosphere. If you have tried Orange Theory, it is pretty similar to that but without the rowing machines. You switch back and forth between lifting weights and running on treadmills. I actually hate cardio, but it is fun in a class environment! I also was a huge fan of the music! We were able to order smoothies before class and pick them up after it was over. I ordered the dirty chai town and Annie got the Matcha made in Heaven. If you ever get a chance to try Barry’s, I highly recommend it. You may be wondering how I was able to attend all of these workout classes. Well, I have something really amazing called, ClassPass, which you may have heard me mention before. This is great for me because I absolutely love workout classes and ClassPass allows me to go to different classes all over town! When I am traveling to a large city, all I have to do is change my location in my app, and I can attend classes where ever I am at. My favorites are boot camps, pilates, and cycling! 

After getting ready for the day, Annie and I headed out to hit the town. We went shopping on the Magnificent Mile which has everything you could ask for. For lunch, we headed to True Food Kitchen. We do not have this is Seattle either, so we were super excited. I got the Protein-style turkey burger (this just means lettuce wrapped) with kale

salad and roasted sweet potatoes on the side. Then we walked our way over to Sawada Matcha for an afternoon pick-me-up. I got the Military latte, unsweetened, with macadamia nut milk and it blew me away! This latte had matcha with espresso and cocoa powder. I have been making them at home almost daily now that I am back because I am slightly obsessed. 

When my sister got off work we met her at a grocery store to make dinner at home before going out at night. No, unfortunately, I did not run into Grocery Store Joe, although my sister works out at the same gym as Diggy!! For those of you that aren’t Bachelor fans, just ignore me 😉 We picked up as many fresh veggies as possible (asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, and more) along with chicken and cauliflower rice to make stirfry. It was delicious and the day after we got back from 0ur trip, both my sister and Annie texted me saying they were making stirfry for their husbands for dinner (they must have really liked it)! That night we went to the Comedy Bar for a show. It was hilarious and I would definitely go back. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? After that, we went to Three Dots and a Dash for drinks. They have amazing, beautiful, and very strong Hawaiin style drinks in cool cups. It is an underground speakeasy tavern with a secret little entrance in an alleyway. The atmosphere made it worth the while!

On Saturday we woke up and went to free yoga in the park! I don’t think there is anything I like more than free stuff. We made a fabulous breakfast at home with avocado toast, over-easy eggs, and green juice. My fav way to make avo toast these days is to squeeze a little lemon on top and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Delish!

We set off after breakfast and walked to navy pier. It is a long walk but fun to see! We weren’t too hungry after exploring so we came home and ate leftover stirfry for lunch. Then relaxed until dinner and spent that quality time together that we needed 🙂

Dinner was at Kurah which is a Mediterranean restaurant. We all love that kind of food so it was a perfect choice. I got the chicken and steak kabobs with extra salad and it was gluten-free. We all shared a huge appetizer platter. Then we walked around town enjoying the sights. We called it an early night since we had to leave for the airport at 4am the next day. The plus side of that was when I arrived home it was literally only 8am so I had the whole day on Sunday!

I also wanted to post a couple things from the last time I came to Chicago as well because there are a few other gems that we found last year when Taylor and I went together.


  • Beacon Tavern– We went here for a late dinner the first night when our plane landed. Super good service and food as well as walkable from the Mag Mile.
  • The Signature Room– We had drinks at the bar and you have the best views from the 96th floor. This is an amazing way to see the sights of Chicago from above and you don’t have to buy tickets, just drinks!
  • Tanta– Freaking awesome place if you love Peruvian food. We went here for lunch!
  • BLVD– Our friend’s friend owns it so we had to check it out. Felt like we were in Vegas, such a good vibe.
  • LondonHouse– Another awesome rooftop bar with breathtaking views.
  • Everest (40th Floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange)- We splurged for our anniversary dinner and it was the nicest meal I think I have ever had. I did feel like I was onboard the Titantic and we were the youngest people there by far. Grand experience!

Things to do:

  • Architectural Boat Tour- The river cruise was a great way to learn more about the city and see it aboard a boat. Another option would be a kayak river tour 🙂
  • Cubs Game- Of course, going to Wrigley Field is a must-d0 at least once in your life!


Thanks for reading! As you can tell, I spend my time finding tremendous foodie places when I am traveling 🙂 Let me know if you go to Chicago and try out any of these places! In the near future, I will do a full post on how to eat healthy while traveling, because contrary to popular belief, it is possible! It just takes s little more effort to research restaurants and their menus.