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Whether you need help implementing a therapeutic diet, help with meal planning, or are just in need of an accountability coach to stay on track, I am here to help! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I meet with individuals to determine their individual dietary needs to help them live an overall healthy and happy life. I specialize in gut health and autoimmune healing, as well as overall health and wellness. Click here to book your complimentary info session now!

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Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping

Meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, you name it! I can help you stay on track during the busy week.

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Group Coaching

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I love hosting events! I conduct nutrition presentations, provide catering, teach cooking classes, and more!

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"The biggest change is that I am far less hungry and have much more energy than I did before I started working on my nutrition with Laura. My digestion got a lot better, and I started sleeping better at night. Laura has been so supportive, always reaching out to see if I needed anything and to see how everything was going. I am so happy that I asked Laura to help me! She has given me strategies and information that will help me for the rest of my life."


"Laura is a life saver. If you’ve ever had acid reflux, you know the discomfort that comes along with it. After four years of prilosec and several rounds of antibiotics with no resolution, I decided to speak with someone that took a different approach. Laura first explained why acid reflux takes place, the common misconceptions that surround it, and the science behind the treatment plan she recommends. After two months I noticed huge improvements, and today I can very happily say that I’m acid reflux  and Prilosec free!"


"Nutrition has always been hit or miss with me, I’d know what I should do but I’d fall short when actually putting it into place. Working with Laura changed my perspective on healthy eating by giving me practical applications that I learned to incorporate into my daily choices. She helped me get over my fear of “fats,” and I quickly learned how important good fats are to my diet. Laura worked with me on portion control and balance- and I love how I can still eat my favorite treats, just in moderation. Lastly, I suffer from a chronic immune condition, and Laura was constantly sending me articles, research, and ideas to help understand my diagnosis and how what I choose to put in my mouth can help or hurt my progress. Many thanks!!"


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